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Town of Windsor Fields

The Town of Windsor operates on a 24 hour rain rule, meaning all fields will be closed and remain closed for no less than 24 hours after the last rain falls giving Town Staff the ability to assess field conditions to determine playability. The field hotline is updated daily by 3:00pm and by 7:30am on the weekends.

If unsure call the Park & Field Hotline: 707-838-5944 

Welcome to the Windsor Youth Soccer League (WYSL)

Our purpose is to offer an opportunity for youth to have fun and to learn about the game of soccer by playing it. While the playing is up to the players, having fun is not restricted to them. Coaches, referees, parents, and other family members are also invited to focus on having fun and learning more about soccer. The League provides the opportunity, you do the rest. A certain level of competitive spirit is good, but it's everyone's responsability to keep the focus on learning and having fun.

WYSL Latest News

WYSL 2019 registration is NOW the link below, but READ THIS FIRST...the intro page is a little funky, and will ask you to sign, if you are new, you will need to create an account using the tiny difficult to see link...if you are returning, you may have forgotten your log in info, and will click "forgot info"...there is a separate Coach not register your child as a coach, or your coach as a child...

COACHES are always needed, but have to register separately. You are not registered as a coach simply by checking the "I want to be a coach" box in your child's registration...

To register your player or coach, click HERE!

Don't forget to upload your child's birth certificate after registration if you are a new player...and upload a new photo every year

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If you have questions about WYSL, please read our FAQs and if you can't find the answer, please email us at or reach out on our Facebook page...

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